Meet the Team

KTL began as The Nutters Club in 2010 but transformed into The Key to Life Charitable Trust in 2012.  The focus for Mike King shifted to helping young people, and travels the country all year round sharing his journey of being a kid with low self-esteem, shifting into addiction and depression.

Through open conversation with young people and their communities, Mike and the team work to normalise what is deemed 'abnormal' by current societal standards.

By working seamlessly with mental health professionals, service providers, business leaders, and our communities we believe it is possible to reverse the population trends of depression and suicide by effecting a positive social change.

The work of the Key to Life Charitable Trust is undertaken with respect, dignity and acceptance for all those seeking guidance, advice and support from the organisation. We respect the wishes of all who interact with us, and this will extend to confidentiality of circumstance, privacy of information shared and other reasonable requests made by these individuals.

The Key to Life Charitable Trust maintains respect for Te Titriti o Waitangi, The Privacy Act of 1993 (New Zealand Privacy Commission), the New Zealand Human Rights Commission and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Founder & Board

Mike King

Founder & Trustee

Shane Webby


Mitch Boocock


Ronnie Moore


Ruby Methven



Kahlia McDougall

General Manager

Dallas Gopi

Funding Manager

Tai Tupou

Youth Development Leader

Michelle Cogger

Remote Office Manager

Sammy Maa

Youth Ambassador

Trent Edwards

Youth Ambassador